SAS App Support

SAS-Powered Web Apps - be they from SAS/IntrNet, SAS Stored Processes, Viya Jobs, or SASjs Server Stored Programs - are generally very stable. That said, there are many reasons why an app can suddenly stop working, such as:

  • Environment issues - authentication, permissions, server outages
  • Data issues - missing files, model changes, encoding
  • Code issues - for instance, saving an STP with Enterprise Guide (which inserts unwanted macros)

To provide you with maximum uptime for your business critical SAS Web Apps, we provide a support service as detailed below.

Pricing details are here.


Our support goal is to get you back up and running as soon as possible in the case of any incidents. In addition, we are on hand to assist with troubleshooting, debugging, strategic advice, and to answer any questions in relation to your SAS App(s) - be they from admins, users, or developers.

Service Level Agreement

All tickets should be raised via the support desk at with the corresponding severity level, eg as follows:

  • Level 1 - App is non-functional and cannot be used
  • Level 2 - Critical issue, however the app is still functional
  • Level 3 - Important issue
  • Level 4 - Minor Issue

The severity level will be initially assigned by the client, and is subject to the agreement of all parties. Circumstances may change during the lifecycle of an issue, and hence the priority may change (again, subject to all party agreement).

The targets for measurement are the timings for Response Time and Resolution Time, per the table below.

Severity Level Response Time Resolution Time
1 2 hours 8 hours (1 BD)
2 2 hours 16 hours (2 BD)
3 4 hours 4 BD
4 1 BD 1-2 weeks

“Response Time” means the number of hours between the logging of the Support Request, and the time that a technician begins active work on the Support Request. The beginning of active work by the technician can be evidenced by either the logon for Remote Access, or the e-mail by 4GL Ltd support staff.

“Resolution Time” means the number of hours between the logging of the Support Request and the provision by 4GL Ltd of a fix, or satisfactory response.

All times are deemed to be elapsed during UK Business hours (8am to 5pm), and following the UK holiday schedule.

Severity Level 4 Support Requests will be investigated on a first in / first out basis, after all Level 1/2/3 Support Requests have been solved.

Should a Severity Level 1 or 2 Support Request fail to be cleared within the Resolution Time, all applicable resources within 4GL Ltd will be called upon to assist in the issue.

If an issue cannot be reproduced, then the Resolution Time will be suspended until such time as it happens again. Meanwhile, the support team will be on alert for the re-occurrence, and to foresee the actions needed to reproduce. On reproduction, the Resolution Time will start again at zero.

Technical and User Support

During customer working hours, the customer support desk (or a nominated internal representative) will generally provide first line support to end users. Where the customer cannot solve the issue internally, for whatever reason, then the 4GL Ltd support desk will be used, and a ticket ID generated.

Where 4GL Ltd is maintaining the app source code, then fixes will be pushed to the relevant repo, and any relevant updates to the documentation will be made.

We also provide priority advice and assistance with using the SASjs framework to customers on support plans.


If a ticket cannot be resolved within the agreed SLA conditions, escalation has to be started by the assigned support department. Escalation will be made via video call between managers at both the client and 4GL Ltd. The list of names to be informed will be listed in Appendix A.

Complaints on services should be directed to both the 4GL Ltd Engagement Manager and the client Application Owner.


The following items are assumed:

  • 4GL Ltd will have full access to source code
  • Any necessary systems access will be provided
  • Where possible, development work will be performed offsite, using sample data
  • The client is able to provide relevant artefacts (logs, sample data, clarifications)


Support is aimed towards the resolution, or identifying the resolution steps, in order to fix issues in relation to SAS Apps. For instance, if an app stops working, we will jump on a call and guide you through the diagnostics. We may find that the app failed due to a missing table entry. We can help you discover the necessary attributes of that entry. But we would not design / build / test / deploy a DI Studio ETL job to plug the gap - that would be a development task.

Typical out-of-scope support activities then would be:

  • Formal Training - although we’d explain how the app works, or why it breaks, or help you with a SASjs issue.
  • Data Quality - although we can explain how the app could be improved to address data quality issues
  • Data Engineering - this is nearly always classed as a development activity
  • Platform Unavailability - but we identify / help to confirm the outage
  • Permissions Issues - but we can describe them
  • Testing & Deployment
  • Hardware Issues
  • Acts of God
  • New features

Consulting Days

For some customers, a number of consulting days are included within the support contract. This provides a buffer for pushing through additional features, also enabling assistance with the various ‘excluded from support’ items above.

When consulting days are triggered, this is always with the prior agreement of the customer. Consulting days may be used for any purpose, and are subject to consultant availability.

If consulting days are requested, and 4GL Ltd has no internal consultants available, then 4GL shall hire suitably qualified and experienced resource to meet the requirement.

Readjustment Clause

In the case of non-performance or dissatisfaction by either party, the first course of action must be escalation and a formal management discussion. The cause of dissatisfaction shall be recorded, and remediation actions proposed. If the remediation actions taken are deemed insufficient, after a reasonable timeframe, the contract may be terminated by either party, subject to a 3 month handover period.

Financial impact:

  • Cancelled by 4GL Ltd - pro rata refund of remaining support component (after handover period).
  • Cancelled by the Client following performance issues, that have been escalated to management and remain unresolved after remediating action agreed - pro rata refund of remaining support component (after the handover period).
  • Cancelled by the Client without escalation or opportunity to rectify - no refund.

Terms & Conditions

  • All amounts are VAT excluded
  • Any changes to these assumptions might result in a price and/or timing revision
  • On-demand invoicing is made monthly in arrears
  • All other invoicing is made annually in advance
  • Invoices are due within 30 days of the invoice date

Appendix A - Points of Contact

  • 4GL Representatives:

    • Name / email
    • Name / email
  • Customer Representatives:

    • Name / email
    • Name / email