SAS App Projects

Are you looking to build a SAS Powered App? Modernise a legacy AF/SCL application? Or migrate an existing SAS 9, Stored Process driven interface to Viya?

The SAS Apps Team have significant experience with SAS App Development, being the creators and maintainers of:

  • The SASjs Framework – a set of open source libraries to streamline DevOps and App Development on SAS
  • The SCL Transcoding Kit – an accelerator for migrating large volumes of AF/SCL to SAS 9 or Viya
  • Data Controller – a commercial data ingestion solution for both SAS 9 and Viya

As well as a series of SAS tools, seed apps and games published to github:

Thanks to our existing tools and extensive project experience, we can both scope/estimate a project and deliver an inital, fully functional SAS-Powered interface in as little as 3-4 weeks.

This includes both frontend & backend documentation, frontend & backend automated tests, and full CI/CD pipeline into your preferred SAS environment - ie Viya, SAS 9 EBI, or Foundation SAS.

In many cases, we don’t even need access to your environment. Just provide us the source code, the data structure, catalogs etc - and some time to interview your end users and record their existing user experience.

For questions, or to book a discovery call, contact Allan Bowe.