SAS App Projects

Are you looking to build a SAS Powered App? Modernise a legacy AF/SCL or SAS/IntrNet application? Perhaps, migrate an existing SAS 9, Stored Process driven interface to Viya?

The SAS Apps Team are somewhat experienced with SAS App Development - being tasked not just with the delivery & maintenance of customer projects, but also the extension and maintenance of:

  • SASjs – an open source (MIT) DevOps framework for App Development on all SAS Platforms
  • The SCL Transcoding Kit – an accelerator for migrating large volumes of AF/SCL to SAS 9 or Viya
  • Data Controller – a commercial data ingestion solution with enterprise data validation and audit capabilities

We regular push apps (such as SAS tools, seed apps, and games) directly to GitHub:

Thanks to our tools and project experience we can scope/estimate most projects and deliver an inital (functional) SAS-Powered interface in as little as 2-3 weeks.

This includes the frontend interface (angular or react), backend (SAS services / jobs / tests / data layer), user / developer / admin guide (, frontend JS docs (example) backend SAS docs (example), and full CI/CD pipeline (YAML) into your preferred SAS environment - ie Viya, SAS 9 EBI, or Foundation SAS.

From there we iterate through multiple phases (checkpoints) to the final deliverable, finishing up with:

  • A handover and warranty period (X days over X months), and/or
  • An SLA for continued support and development

Note that, in most cases, we don’t need access to your environment! Just provide us the source code, the data structure, catalogs etc - and some time to interview your end users / any available technical specialists. We’ll deliver the source code directly to your preferred GIT provider (GitHub Enterprise, BitBucket, Gitlab etc), along with action / pipeline routines to compile & build the app in preparation for automated (or manual) deployment to your SAS environment(s).

Sample data is a bonus - if not available, we would look to build up some meaningful test data for you as part of the project.

For questions, or to book a discovery call, contact Allan Bowe.